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1.4 million.

That is the number of websites that have either a mention or a story or opinion on the Obama Birther Conspiracy. As I sit here, completing the last visits of the day to my Google Alert (Obama Birth Certificate, started Nov 2008), I realize how tiring this has become. After 1.4 million websites, I think I may have lost a piece of my sanity. :(

I DO care about this issue, AND if tomorrow it was PROVEN that Obama was ineligible, I would become a 'birther' immediately. Now, all these sites that I visited in the last 1 and some-odd years all contradict each other.

60+ lawsuits have been dismissed by courts around the country. The 'credible' accounts of the 'law' of naturalized v. natural-born are mired in anti or pro-Obama rhetoric. Quotes from Wikipedia are commonly used to support or rebuke 'evidence' put forth by commenter after commenter on those websites.

The information from the news media is sparse, at best. Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow, and Hannity have reported on this subject the most. They all seem to repeat the same stuff written on the websites; the sources on said websites ALWAYS source OTHER websites. Their vicious cycle of referencing causes one to give up and run screaming.

After SO MANY websites/blogs/comments/death threats/etc. the one thing I learned is this. Conspiracy of this magnitude creates support. Support for the litigious conservatives involved, and more recently, the splinter group, The Tea Party.

This issue adds more fire to the already electrically-charged political atmosphere. At the very least, it becomes a wedge issue between conspiracy theorists.

The label 'conspiracy theorist' has always held a quite of mystique and, in some cases, an air of incredibility. The moon landing, aliens in Roswell, Area 51, the Kennedy assassination grassy knoll theory, UFOs, crop circles, chem-trails, fluoride as a mind control chemical, swine flu as population control, FEMA concentration camps, gov't controlled drug trafficking, the death of Elvis, Princess Di killed by Queen, the truther 911 theories, the Illuminati, New World Order, reptilians in congress etc., black helicopters, climate change as a hoax, AIDS created to wipe out homosexuality, and RFID chips in IDs as a way to track everyone, and Bilderberg controlling the world. All of these theories tout some 'evidence', however miniscule, as a way to prove their wild theories. The majority of those in power rebuke and deny anything untoward happening in government. To this CT's cry that, 'OF COURSE they would deny it, they are trying to take over the world!' This starts the cycle of debunk and decry.

'Shadow' government DOES exist. It has been proven that the American government does some REALLY awful things in the name of protection. Among these, the targeting for assassination of American citizens, torture of enemy combatants, and the existence of black ops operating in all corners of the globe. That said, the vast majority of all conspiracy theorists CANNOT be proven INCORRECT. The reason for this is the level at which the theorist permeates the CT community. This is further helped when 'reliable' people back the theories. Jim Marrs, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Sorcha Faal, and many others are seen as 'believable' throughout most of the community. When they speak, the CT's listen.

For example, Alex Jones (of the PrisonPlanet and InfoWars website fame) stated that the gov't was creating the FEMA concentration camps in Texas. Adding to this theory was a later mention on his sites about finding a row of 500,000 plastic body disposal coffins in Georgia, near the CDC. Suddenly, the CT world EXPLODED with this gigantic conspiracy of the murder of disobedient citizens under martial law after being held in FEMA camps. This secondary theory was decried by skeptics; mostly because the 'coffins' found in Georgia were actually burial vault liners. These liners protect the coffin from water seepage, as the dead are not buried 6 feet below ground in modern times.

Now, after realizing that part of the original theory was still intact and that there was video evidence of the FEMA concentration (disaster) camps throughout the web, I decided to learn more. logy/military/news/4312850

This is the best explanation I found to decry the numerous theories on this subject. I was ready to put this issue out of my mind. A few months later, a friend started ranting about the FEMA camps again, this time informing me that there were 'many scattered in Pennsylvania'. After a little research, I found this laughable. The closest thing that is mentioned is Allenwood Federal Prison Camp as a possible concentration camp in 2001. I told him that he should take with a grain of salt what is said by ANYONE, including famous conspiracy theorists.

I gave up on this theory. It held NO water when approached with speculation. So I 86'd it and moved on.

Now, I am a conspiracy theorist. Have been one since I found out about the 'secret' tunnels under York, Pennsylvania. It is a way of forcing research into ANYTHING that is said as fact.

My paranoia is just, to a point. I have been monitored by the FBI for being an Anti-war protester in 2003 & 2004. It was presented to me in a matter-of-fact way in court. I was unaware that the FBI had a file on ALL person-of-interest, and have considered holding me as a ringleader of an organization seeking to riot against the government. Cool beans. Way to prove my neuroses. *looks around for spies*

Back to the subject at hand. After following this theory closely for so long, I am near to giving up. I feel that it make have been created by SOMEONE to muddy the waters of this President. I do not deny the 'missing' information about financial backing, school records, etc. I do, however, see no end to this conspiracy theory. Even if Barack Obama produced every piece of information and form that has ever existed in his life, there would be no end. This will continue into the next term/president's administration. The CT's will never let it go. Why? Because it proves everything CT's think is RIGHT, somehow. To them, it 'proves' that there IS a vast conspiracy in the USA.

The final thing I want to say to my conspiracy theorist friend is this:

IF, somehow, Obama IS proven to be ineligible, the country as you know it will grind to a halt. Every piece of legislation, good and bad, will be deemed invalid. This includes nominees for the Supreme Court, governmental departments (Energy, Commerce, Agriculture, Defense, etc.), and numerous other positions in government. The backlash would be so severe, the political scene could be shattered; unable to be fixed in the next 8 years or more. Proving yourselves correct would bring about chaos. Since, as CT's, we try to bring the light to the darkness of subterfuge and order to the chaos...WE would become the agents of chaos. We would accomplish what no foreign entity has been able to do.... Bring America to its' knees.

As the X-Files show told us in the early 90's, the Truth is Out There. It all depends on what 'truth' you are looking for. ;)

Thank you for reading and apologies to the oft rambling nature of this diatribe; considering the late hour I am surprised that I was able to string two sentences together.

I just realize I have had Ke$ha playing in the background the whole time. O.o

On that note, this is Citizen Y, signing off. Goodnight, everyone in the FEMA concentrations camps & in the underground cities of the Midwest. Pleasant dreams and don't forget to adjust your tin-foil beanies.

The Loss of Critical Sanity: The Birther Conspiracy

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